Restaurant Trends February 2021

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Food Away From Home & Food At Home

We are tracking closely these two Consumer Price indexes. In the US, at the beginning of the pandemic Food At Home (FAH) increased significantly more than Food Away From Home (FAFH); predominantly as a result of supply chain challenges at the time. Currently both indexes are increasing at similar levels and FAFH is forecasted to outpace FAH in 2021.


Why are we watching both Indexes? Why does this matter?

Over the years, we established that for some QSR and Casual Dining brands, when grocery prices increase more than restaurant prices, this correlates positively with an increase in traffic trends. This effect was not found in 2020 as most of the demand shifts between grocery and restaurant were caused by other factors such as availability.

For 2021, as the volatile supply chains driving FAH price changes settle down, we will probably see a return to higher price changes from restaurants, which could pose additional headwinds for some QSR and Casual Dining brands on their path of recovery in the months ahead. Additionally, new habits formed over the past year have had time to cement themselves. How many of these new habits will stay? Restaurants are going to find themselves trying to manage significant demand uncertainty.

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Consultant’s Corner

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