A New AI-Powered Pricing Engine for Restaurants

Price Studio empowers restaurant brands to optimize their pricing strategy, making it simpler and faster than ever before.

Simplify Your Pricing Process

Price Studio lets you create and assess multiple pricing scenarios, providing insights into revenue, traffic and cost impacts in a fraction of the time before implementation.

Boost Profit Margin by up to 4%

Whether you are a global franchise system or a multi-unit brand, Price Studio simplifies pricing decisions.

Our automated SaaS solution does the heavy lifting. Price Studio applies powerful analytics to POS and competitor pricing data, revealing AI-driven pricing recommendations for your entire menu. This makes it easier for you to quickly make informed decisions.

Why Price Studio

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Pricing

In today’s competitive market, pricing is the key to profitability and protecting market share.

Price Studio combines RMS’ industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to improve your team discussions. We utilize all available data and expert insights to help you unlock your brand’s pricing potential.

Generate multiple pricing scenarios to identify your optimal strategy

Uncover pricing opportunities across your menu

Understand traffic risks, menu mix shifts and item trading relationships

Protect your brand with built-in pricing rules and brand safeguards

Test new price points using AI-driven recommendations


Powered by Innovation

Price Studio is the first SaaS solution to incorporate data from internal and external sources —including:

Point of Sale (POS) data
RMS’ patented consumer price elasticity scores
Competitor pricing data
Macroeconomic factors
predictive modeling

Finding Value in Your Price Strategy

Price Studio’s predictive modeling delivers instant clarity on pricing opportunities, traffic risk and bottom-line impact at a store, tier and system level.

Identify opportunities to raise prices without harming sales or traffic
Spot potentially overpriced items and determine the optimal price


AI Guides Profitable Pricing Decisions

Gain instant insights into price elasticity by store
Compare margin impact by tier, menu category and item
Identify potential traffic risks and margin challenges
Protect your brand with built-in pricing rules and brand safeguards


Export Prices in Minutes

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hours spent on formatting.

With Price Studio, you can simply download your pricing scenarios and import them directly into your POS system. This allows you to manage menu prices across regions and store locations with ease and confidence.


Frequently Asked Questions

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