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Our range of prescriptive analytics solutions do just that.

We derive our recommendations using our client’s historical point-of-sales data and applying our machine-learning algorithms acknowledging their business rules, marketing strategies and operational constraints.

We provide assistance with:

  • Measuring the effectiveness and impact of Limited Time Offers
  • Understanding the impact of Coupons and deciding on the most profitable offers
  • Quantifying the impact of testing new products, a new service line or a new restaurant concept
  • Help selecting the most representative restaurants to test brand innovations
  • Review your Loyalty Programs and recommend marketing initiatives
  • Check level analysis to get to know your customers better
  • Conducting Primary Research, such as conjoint analysis

Limited-Time Offer Analysis

Making marketing campaign decisions based on unreliable data or instincts can lead to an erosion of profits. Using insights to understand your customer based on past purchasing behaviors, our clients are able to best determine how to manage the demand and duration related to planned Limited Time Offers, creating optimal promotional campaigns by accurately forecasting sales and guest count impacts.

Coupon Analysis

An effective couponing strategy will provide a steady stream of new customers and the chance to reactivate ‘old’ customers, who may have been lured away by your competition. We assist restaurant marketers design effective and profitable coupon campaigns that bring customers in, encourage sell-up, and highlight at what frequency and length promotions should be run to ensure your brand avoids being dependent on permeant discount offers to attract customers to visit your restaurants.

Test vs. Control Analytics

A strong test vs. control approach will provide you with valuable customer insights. A well-thought-out process starts with selecting a representative group of restaurants for the test and control group. The aim is to measure the impact innovations (new products, categories, pricing strategies, concepts, menu boards, service channels, etc.) has on the overall customer purchasing behavior, lowering the chances of error in the future and helping you create profitable decisions.

Loyalty Program Analytics

Loyalty programs are a great way to increase sales and encourage repeat visits. When paired with insights gained from analyzing transaction level data, restaurants can gain a deep understanding of how customers purchase at their locations. We use those valuable insights as a starting point to recommend marketing and pricing strategies that encourage repeat visits and up-sell and add a personal touch to loyalty initiatives.

Check-Level Analytics

With our Check-Level Analytics, our clients are getting an even deeper understanding of their guests’ purchase behavior such as how customer groups purchase items together, how check compositions and value varies throughout the day and week, which menu items predominantly bring customers in and which ones are check builders. Our analysts turn these powerful insights into recommendations for our clients that can be implemented into profitable actions.


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Primary Research

Find yourself asking what your consumers want but do not have historic point of sales data yet? Our primary research takes the guesswork out of critical decisions by getting the answers directly from your existing or potential new customer base. We use a mix of in person or online questionnaires, surveys or interviews with individuals or small groups to provide you with answers. Our group of industry experts will work with you on the brief and scope and provide you with in-depth recommendations to act upon.

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