Join 7 of the top 20 fast-food brands using metiRi® to unlock significant cost-saving opportunities.


Trusted by brands and unit operators to help grow their businesses.


Delivers accurate and timely unit-level financial reporting across borders.

Multi-unit systems can cut months spent collecting, organizing and standardizing financial reports into only hours.

Access round-the-clock standardized and validated financial data at store, unit and system levels.

Share critical insights across your business, unlocking actionable unit-level financial opportunities.

Promote collaboration with real-time financial information, accelerating decision-making for all stakeholders.

Experience a seamless onboarding process making the transition to metiRi a breeze.

Empower your unit operators to submit financials in minutes, eliminating hours spent on compliance reporting.

  • Real-time validation ensures error-free reporting, eliminating the need for clarifications between unit operators and finance teams.
  • Automated mapping enables easy comparisons between units and their performance over time.
  • Helps multinational brands foster a global culture of accurate and timely unit-level financial reporting.

Instant Access to All Key Metrics

  • Easily monitor financial performance at a store, unit and brand level through intuitive charts.
  • Quickly identify performance patterns amongst groups to drive system-wide improvements.

Track Individual Store Performance with Ease

  • Instantly identify individual store trends through interactive maps.
  • Leverage unit-level insights to effectively manage operating budgets, make accurate financial forecasts, create multi-year projections and much more.

Benchmark Against Peer Groups

  • Users can immediately benchmark their units against the financial performance of pre-defined peer groups.
  • Rank and prioritize cost-saving opportunities, including food and labor costs, based on their financial return.

Will I need to change my system to upload my financial information into metiRi®?

No, metiRi integrates with any accounting source via a fast and secure upload. It’s able to integrate with various accounting software outputs and corporate systems, making the process as seamless as possible for the entire system and its users.

Can I use metiRi® for data collection besides financials?

Absolutely! In addition to financial data, metiRi’s versatile Store Profile feature allows you to collect and configure additional store attributes and information directly from unit operators. This enables comprehensive data collection beyond just financials.

How much does metiRi® cost?

The metiRi solution entails a one-time configuration fee, along with an annual licensing fee per restaurant. Contact our team for a personalized quote.

How many languages and currencies can metiRi® operate in?

metiRi currently supports 15 commonly used languages and can accommodate nearly any left-to-right written language. It also has access to 27 currencies, such as USD, EUR, JPY and GBP. If you require support for a language or currency that is not currently available, the solution can be configured with additional set-up time.

Can metiRi® connect to Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Yes, metiRi offers seamless integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) through the utilization of industry-standard authentication protocols. This enables users to conveniently access metiRi using their existing credentials, eliminating the need for a separate login experience.

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