Maximize your menu
for profit

In today’s challenging restaurant landscape, menu engineering may not be a priority. But a menu assessment shouldn’t be overlooked. Relying on your most recent POS transactional data and our patented, proprietary process, RMS can optimize your food menu for success.

The result? A strategically designed menu that trims margins and increases profits.

In our 30-year history, our menu design strategies have increased margins by an average of up to 2%.

Customer insights

Navigating the new normal of dining

To help brands pivot in an ever-changing environment, RMS expanded beyond the transactional and market data we typically collect and analyze.

  • Beyond the POS: We assess consumer behavior directly – through surveys of thousands of restaurants users from every generation and lifestyle on three continents.
  • Beyond market data: Our analysis includes data from more than 100 million restaurant and retail visits and credit- and debit-card transactions combined with RMS data from 100,000 restaurant locations around the world.

No other company in our segment delivers data of this breadth and depth.
Let RMS put it to work for you today.

Test and learn

Turn on a dime, or design for a lifetime

Scaled-back operations, reduced staff and health and safety restrictions require a new take on restaurant menus. Streamlining your menu to reflect what diners want while balancing what your kitchens can produce requires speed and scrutiny.

RMS uses a proven Test and Learn approach, which can be applied to assess your quick reactions to the changing times or design a long-term strategy to create systemic change.

Let us validate important menu decisions in real time, using real customer feedback, then help you implement changes for optimum results and revenue.

Creating profitable menus for the new normal.

Customer segmentation

Data solves problems

Every customer is different. Why should your approach be the same?

We recognize the profitability challenges facing our industry today – and we’re ready to address them. Our solution is found in data — hidden within your loyalty program and POS system — that paints a picture of each individual customer, store and market.

Paired with a deep understanding of your brand and millions and millions of data points, our highly educated and experienced analysts use these pictures to recommend competitive pricing, menu design and promotional strategies that increase traffic, spend per head and profitability.

In these uncertain times, data leads the way.

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