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Whether labor costs, facility expenses, supplies or ingredients, even the slight changes in franchisee costs can drastically limit growth or impact profitability. Their success is your success.

Clients often reach out to us as they work to address margin pressure as result of:

  • Commodity price increases
  • Minimum wage pressure
  • Changes in legislation, such as sweetener taxes
  • …the list goes on

We help our clients navigate, emerge, and grow by guiding menu, pricing and promotional strategies calibrated to each location and region. 

Our services include:

  • Providing secure, client-specific franchisee web portals to allow real life restaurant performance analytics
  • A client-specific support team allowing franchisees to contact RMS
  • Participation in franchisee education sessions including annual conventions and franchisee leadership forums
Franchisee Reporting Tools

Benefits of Franchisee Reporting Solutions

  • Eliminating the burden of manually collecting data
  • Robust reporting and planning solutions in real time
  • Ability to run restaurant analytics at both a store and system level, while comparing results to other regions
  • Review recommendations and update prices in their registers with just a few clicks
  • Monitor historic and current pricing status, update store-level information, provide and track competitor data and retrieve reports

Benefits of Franchisee Financial Solutions

  • Collect Financial Data (Balance Sheet, P&L, G&A, Debt) directly from Franchisees and CPAs
  • Instant Data Validation and Reporting
  • Benchmark financial health and performance across the organization
  • Create Financial Plans and track results

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