Understand your customers like never before

By presenting customers with realistic trade-off scenarios, through conjoint analysis you’ll gain insights into key factors impacting decisions and price sensitivity. These insights help you shape future pricing decisions, product development and menu designs before introducing them in the real world, minimizing potential setbacks and giving you a competitive edge.

What sets our studies apart

We merge research results with our 25+ years of industry expertise to provide brands invaluable sensitivity insights. RMS delivers comprehensive analyses of trade up, trade down and trade out probabilities, along with strategic recommendations for price adjustments to help prevent customer traffic loss.

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Actionable Insights That Lead to Profitability

Example of conjoint analysis choice-based study

Conjoint analysis helps you identify:

Strategic pricing opportunities
Competitive placement
New market segments
Overall brand value
Example of Coinjoint Analysis results

Results predict:

Demand shifts based on price, menu and item adjustments
Adoption rates for new items
Optimal price points for new and existing items


We Put Your Needs First

Our team of skilled statisticians work closely with clients, valuing their input as we design the optimal research approach.

Whether it’s testing new products and prices, or a specific business goal you aim to achieve, our conjoint analysis is tailored to your exact needs.

By blending our industry expertise with your objectives, we ensure the insights we gather are relevant and valuable to you.

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Take Your Pricing Strategy to The Next Level

Choice-Based Conjoint

Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) mimics real-life purchasing behavior and outcomes. In CBC studies, participants select their preferred item based on specific criteria, such as price or features, from sets of 3-5 products. This powerful technique informs pricing strategies, product design and provides insights into competitive benchmarks and market segmentation.

These studies are typically completed in 6-9 weeks.

Menu-Based Conjoint

Menu-Based Conjoint (MBC) asks participants to build combinations of items using the entire menu as they would when placing orders at your restaurant. More complex than CBC, this analysis provides a realistic look at how brands can optimize price points, menu offerings and accurately forecast revenue. MBC analyses reveal strategies for pricing, menu design, bundling, product rollouts, substitution and upselling.

These studies are typically completed in 2-3 months.

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