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2022 Q2: The Restaurant Experience and What Guests Think About Tipping, QR Codes & Reduced Menus

The second part of our Q2 2022 insights takes a look at how guests feel about the restaurant experience. What are the main motivators behind sit-down and limited-service restaurant visits? How do guests feel about tipping today? And should brands rethink menu reductions and QR codes?

RMS surveyed over 750 US diners to find out. Get a deep dive into your guests’ habits and behaviors.

What’s in the report

  • What motivates guests to visit a sit-down restaurant? What about limited-service restaurants?
  • How have tipping habits evolved since the start of the pandemic? How do guests feel about tipping suggestions when checking out?
  • Do guests still prefer QR code menus when dining at a restaurant?
  • What is driving family households to purchase family or bundle meals?

All this and more in the latest consumer report.

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