Revenue Management Solutions Launches Franchisee Financial Insights Solution

Franchisors and franchisees benefit from powerful SaaS solution that assesses global financial health

TAMPA, Fla.–Revenue Management Solutions, a global enterprise providing patented, data-driven solutions that drive sales and profitability for over 100,000 restaurants in more than 40 countries, today launched metiRi, a new financial solution. The secure, fast and easy SaaS application gathers, consolidates, standardizes and verifies financial data from all points in a franchised system. User-friendly, interactive reports and dashboards deliver critical insights and promote collaboration across the entire organization.

metiRi (Latin for “measure”) is the first cloud-based financial solution designed to serve multi-unit and international brands in multiple languages and currencies. It is already being rolled out in more than 15,000 locations in 80+ countries.

RMS called on expert consultants with ties to some of the largest franchise operations in the world to build metiRi. It is the first financial solution designed both for franchised operations and by experienced franchise professionals.

“After analyzing data for hundreds of thousands of franchised locations,” said RMS CEO John Oakes, “we uncovered a common challenge: Even the most sophisticated franchise brands need more financial transparency. metiRi is the automated answer, with an easy-to-use solution for aggregating, benchmarking and evaluating financial information across the organization.”

As a result, metiRi delivers a solution franchisors and franchisees can use, with easy setup and data integration. Franchisees upload financial statements every month from nearly any accounting source at a click of a button, and metiRi aggregates and standardizes the data into user-friendly and tailored dashboards.

Through interactive and powerful analytics, brands get instant access to the system’s financial condition, along with peer benchmarking, trends, potential risks, opportunities and KPIs at a glance. These deep insights empower brands to make faster, more informed financial decisions, optimize profitability, mitigate risk, make calculated expansion decisions and enable collaboration among franchisors and franchisees to achieve sustainable growth.

“It’s simple,” said Oakes. “Businesses that know their numbers are more successful than those who don’t. metiRi offers the financial transparency needed to identify short-term action and establish the foundation for long-term planning for the brand and franchisees to be successful together.”

RMS started developing pricing and menu engineering strategies 25 years ago, helping clients increase profits through data-driven menu design and price optimization. It has expanded its solutions to include customer segmentation, growth and investor solutions, and now financial solutions.

Data is the core of all RMS’ work, specifically the analytics that come from carefully collected, streamlined and transparent data. The launch of metiRi allows the company to grow in its strategy to become the undisputed leader in the retail and restaurant decision sciences market.

To learn more about metiRi and other RMS solutions, visit or join the conversation on LinkedInTwitter, or Facebook.

About Revenue Management Solutions

RMS provides numerous data-driven solutions and services to the restaurant industry, all designed to help brands drive sales and profitability while maintaining traffic and enhancing brand value long-term. RMS works with more than 50 major brands in more than 40 countries, with its patented processes of revenue management used in more than 100,000 restaurant locations globally. For more information on how RMS helps its clients, visit

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