Actionable financial insights to grow your franchise brands

Introducing metiRi®, THE cloud-based SaaS solution designed to empower franchise brands to better understand, manage and navigate their financial health more effectively and more efficiently. The system helps you identify not only which of your stores might need more support or action, but also which have an opportunity to maximize profit.

Trusted by over 70,000 franchise locations globally to help grow their brand.

Collect + standardize

One place for all your financial data

The solution collects and aggregates unit level financials from any source and standardizes it so organizations spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing insights. Our onboarding process is simple and data collection is compatible with virtually any accounting platform.

Interactive dashboards

See all your key metrics in one place with System Overview

The metiRi System Overview helps both brands and franchisees to analyze not only on store level financial performance, but also across your entire portfolio of stores. Gain access to intuitive snapshots and trailing 12 month performance charts.

Explore individual store performance on interactive map views

With metiRi map views, you get a visual representation of your individual store’s location and performance providing a unique way to identify geographic trends or patterns.

Tailor your insights with interactive table views and custom grouping

Look at your data from a tailored lens based on different attribute groupings as well as sorting by each attribute/column. Control what columns are visible and what attributes matter most.


Eliminate the guesswork: Benchmark and know exactly where you stand

Quickly identify opportunity costs for your stores using various KPIs including food costs and labor costs when benchmarked to a customized comparison group.

Compare individual stores against different benchmark groups

Drill into individual store performance when compared against selected benchmark groups. This allows you to recognize current pitfalls and identify any common issues within your system.

Frequently asked questions

Will I need to change my system to upload my financial information into metiRi?
No, metiRi integrates with any accounting source via a fast and secure upload. It’s able to integrate with various accounting software outputs and corporate systems, making the process as seamless as possible for the entire system and its users.

Can I use metiRi for data collection besides financials?
Absolutely! The Store Profile can be configured to collect additional store attributes and information directly from franchisees.

What does the metiRi solution cost?
metiRi has a one-time configuration fee and an annual licensing fee per restaurant.

How many languages can metiRi operate in?
metiRi currently translates into 15 languages used commonly with international brands and can support nearly any left to right written language. With a little extra set-up time, the system can support nearly any language spoken in your locations.

How many currencies does metiRi track?
metiRi tracks 27 currencies, such as USD, EUR, JPY and GBP. With a little extra set-up time, the system can be configured to “exchange” most currencies. 

Where is metiRi used today?
To date, metiRi is used by multi-unit operators in 70,000 locations and more than 35 countries.

Can metiRi connect to Single Sign-On (SSO)?
Yes, metiRi leverages industry-standard authentication, which can be set up to integrate with your own SSO. This means users can use their existing credentials to access metiRi; no separate login experience is required.

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