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Since 1994, our story is about illuminating and guiding our restaurant clients along the path of growth optimisation. What we do is so much more than just analytics.

What are we most proud of?
Our first client is still with us after 20-plus years. In addition, several of our past clients have re-hired us as they moved to new companies which is a huge compliment to us.



We now manage data for 100,000 restaurants around the world and have contracts in the U.S. with 5 of the top 25 franchisee organisations.
We welcome our 150th associate



Pub We sign one of the UK’s largest pub chains



McDonald’s UK awards us the prestigious 3-legged stool award



We open our London office to service clients in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Scandinavia



We secure our 5th U.S. patent



The Tokyo office opens to service clients in Japan and Korea. In the same year, we are granted our 2nd U.S. patent and welcome our 100th associate



Demand for our services means we extend our reach in the Middle East & Africa, adding clients in Dubai and South Africa



The Singapore office opens to work closer with clients in Asia Pacific and our expertise is documented in “The Financial Times”



We welcome our 50th associate and the Paris office opens to service clients in France, Central and Southern Europe



We deploy a pricing service exclusively dedicated to franchisees in North America



We pilot our demand-based pricing solution with one of the world’s largest fast food restaurant chains



Mobil We win the contract to provide hotel and restaurant ratings for the Mobil Travel Guide



We reach our target of $1m in annual revenue



We sign our 10th client contract



Tampa office moves to new headquarters at Harbour Island



Founded in Tampa, Florida, by Prof. Tom Kelly and George RiceDairy QueenOur first client is International Dairy Queen.

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