Industry Trends September 2021

New Menu Study: Beware of Online Blind Spots and Suggestive Selling Too Late

In partnership with the University of South Florida’s Center for Marketing and Sales Innovation (CMSI) and TGI Fridays, we conducted the first-ever remote eye-tracking research to uncover revenue-generating opportunities for restaurant online orders made on desktops.

Preliminary findings indicate a persistent blind spot on the left side of the menu

Though each respondent had a unique path, respondents started with the site’s main menu categories (appetizers, sandwiches, etc.), reading across from left to right.

Their focus then shifted down toward the center of the screen, like a “T,” and navigated from there predominantly to the right of the center. Results show that approximately 50% of the time, respondents missed items displayed on the left of the screen altogether.

The research team also discovered untapped opportunities for suggestive selling

Respondents were more likely to change their mind or add items during the exploration and affirmation phases of the process, yet most suggestive selling prompts happen during checkout. If these results translate across other online menus layouts — and we anticipate that they will — it could be a profitability game changer for operators.

Stay tuned for the next phase of the research, during which we will investigate how consumers navigate different menu designs on mobile, online and in print. For more details on these preliminary findings, click here.

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Consultant’s Corner

How are consumers behaviors evolving in other parts of the world?

RMS previously looked at UK consumer behavior, and to continue understanding how consumers are evolving, we now included an additional market: Germany. While there were many similarities between the two markets, there were some differences around technology usage and combo meal motivators. Visit our Consumer Reports page to download the full reports. Stay tuned for our 3rd market in the series: France.

How can brands address labor challenges?

Despite a big demand from consumers, restaurants have an unexpected new hurdle to overcome: labor. In this Quick Bites, RMS’ Justin Pridon provides some actionable recommendations for brands to consider to address these challenges. Looking for more tips on labor? Watch the full episode.

RMS stands ready to support restaurant brands through these ever-changing times. Reach out to us today for practical strategies designed to optimize menu profitability, sales and financial health immediately.

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