Industry Trends June 2021

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Food Away From Home & Food At Home Update

We continue to closely track these two US Consumer Price indexes. Back in February of this year, RMS provided a look at Food Away From Home (FAFH) and Food At Home (FAH) Year-Over-Year figures, including the predicted forecast for 2021. Now more than five months in, FAH price increases are returning to pre-pandemic levels, while FAFH prices continue to steadily rise at around 4% when compared to 2020.


Consumers Think Differently

While the FAFH YOY increase is higher than FAH YOY, based on our latest survey conducted in May, consumers still perceived grocery prices to be rising higher than restaurant prices. When asked if in the last month, they felt they were paying higher or lower prices for groceries, 61% said higher. Back in February of 2021, when RMS asked respondents the same question, 51% said higher.

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Consultant’s Corner

What’s the deal with restaurant discounts

How have value meals, coupons and discounts fared during the last year? And what is the future prognosis? RMS asked consumers what they thought about deals, discounts, loyalty programs and more in their latest restaurant consumer survey. Read more about what value means today featuring COO Mark Kuperman

Burger King Stirs Up More Chicken Sandwich Drama

QSR magazine provided an update on the much talked about chicken wars and how brands continue to battle for market share. Learn more about the latest trends, featuring insights from RMS’ consumer survey, here.

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