Industry Trends August 2021

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Efficiency Is the Top Driver of Combo Meal Purchases

Combo meals have played an important role in quick-service restaurants (QSR). According to RMS July observations, on average, combo meals make up almost 35% of the menu mix across the industry, indicating that this category has been a big component in pandemic sales. To get a better understanding of why certain customers choose combo meals as their go-to purchase, RMS surveyed more than 800 US respondents.

Overall, 65% of respondents purchased a combo meal from a QSR in the past month.

Of those who purchased a combo meal in the past month, 47% have a household income between $30k-$74k and are predominantly millennial family households.

RMS asked respondents why they choose combo meals and identified three common themes from the open-ended responses:

  • 39% referenced efficiency, including speed and ease of ordering
  • 38% referenced economics, including value and affordability
  • 34% referenced product preferences, including favorite products all in a full meal

For a look at the identified subthemes, download the full report.

Operators May Have More Pricing Leverage

Based on the results of our survey, we see that consumers are buying combo meals for speed, ease and convenience. In other words, combo meals offer more than just value.

As a result, consumers may tolerate lower discounts than those traditionally offered – about  20%. Operators must keep in mind that combo meal prices should never exceed the sum of their parts, however, today’s market may tolerate prices close to the ceiling.

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