Sebastián Fernández

RMS Office


Sebastián is responsible for leading all research projects and plays a fundamental role in the development and refinement of the RMS’ Revenue Management models. He is also in charge of managing the Development team, which works on building and enhancing the RMS Solutions Platform.

Earlier in his career, while living in Uruguay, Sebastián taught statistics and econometrics at the University of Economic Sciences in Montevideo, Uruguay. He holds a Bachelors of Economics from this institution and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Miami, where he specialized in Management Applied Sciences.

Sebastián has been at RMS since 2002 and has had a chance to work with many different clients. This has given him a broad strategic understanding of the situations and challenges clients face when making revenue management decisions. His goal is to make sure that the science can be applied to these real-world problems and thus provide tangible benefits to the RMS’ clients.

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