Profitability and pricing strategies

Strategies for a transformed restaurant industry

We’ve supported the restaurant industry for more than 25 years and have never seen a time of such great flux. The path forward is blurred with uncertainty, but RMS is ready to help navigate this unknown landscape and create a data-driven plan for recovery and profit.

Data-driven pricing strategies that serve profits? We have them.


Driving greater profits that flow-through to your bottom line

Value-based pricing

Tailored pricing is possible

With rising food costs, wage pressures and changing dining habits, profitability challenges lurk at every eating establishment, whether tables are empty or full. Using your transactional customer data and our expert insights, RMS establishes pricing based on your customers’ willingness to pay and their value perception. Just as a custom suit is sure to attract attention, a pricing strategy tailored to individual stores and customer segments is sure to increase profitability.

Unique pricing strategies that work.
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Hour of operation analysis

Perfect timing is possible

No two restaurants are the same. So why synchronize their hours of operation? Using our patented analysis of your own POS data combined with market research, RMS identifies what customers want in each location, region and day part. Then franchisee organizations can calibrate hours of operation to best optimize labor and increase profitability.

Establish optimal hours of operation.
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Customer segmentation

Data solves problems

Every customer is different. Why should your approach be the same? Your POS data does more than track sales. It paints a picture of each individual customer, store or market segmentation in great detail. We use these data-driven pictures, paired with a deep understanding of your brand, to gain valuable insights into how customers will respond to price increases and discount offers and what will drive frequency and increase average spend per location.

Get to know your customers even better.
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Competitor insights

With 1 million restaurant locations in the U.S., how does yours stand up?

Your customers don’t exist in a vacuum. Neither should your pricing strategies. We analyze your transactional data and compare it to your competitors’ restaurant menus and pricing. We then deliver a full understanding of your customers’ actual purchasing behavior, keeping in mind what they see out in the market. 

Be better than the competition.
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