Franchisee financial success equals brand success

Our newest financial solution provides the information, analytics and insights that franchise organizations need to drive growth. A cloud-based SaaS solution, metiRi serves multi-unit and international brands in multiple languages and currencies.

One solution. Endless insights.

After analyzing data for more than 150,000 franchised locations over 25 years, we uncovered a common challenge. Even the most sophisticated franchise brands need more financial transparency. metiRi is the automated answer, with an easy-to-use solution for aggregating, benchmarking and evaluating financial information across the organization.

It is the first financial solution designed both for franchised operations and by experienced franchise professionals.

Reveal your brand’s true financial health.
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Easy upload and aggregation

One place for all your financial data

Franchisees and franchisors no longer waste valuable time consolidating manual reports. Our SaaS solution does the heavy lifting. metiRi automatically gathers, consolidates, standardizes and verifies financial data from nearly any accounting source via a fast and secure upload.

Remove administrative burdens — no system changes required.
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We report, you perform

Turn your financial data into insights

Transparent and consistent financial reports increase productivity and deliver a new understanding of a brand’s health. metiRi enables collaboration among franchisors and franchisees to achieve sustainable growth. Through its interactive and powerful analytics in real-time, organizations can make faster and more informed financial decisions, optimize profitability, mitigate risk, make calculated expansion decisions and align key financial targets with brand goals and franchisee vision.

Financial insights made easy.
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Your foundation for expansion and growth

Know more, grow more

Instant access to the financial health of the system allows companies to identify short-term actions and establish the foundation for long-term planning. metiRi efficiently tracks and enables the ability to identify areas and individuals best positioned to grow the brand by providing financial health visibility through standardized financial statements and metrics. In addition, it provides reliable costs and expected results to attract new franchisees.

Uncover the opportunities.
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What gets measured gets managed

Businesses that know their numbers are more successful than those that don’t.

metiRi delivers reputable analytics and insights providing a common platform that facilitates quality business discussions grounded on facts. The SaaS solution keeps everyone connected through access to data, alerts, and email notifications.

With metiRi, users can:

  • Compare KPIs in real-time at a glance
  • Benchmark against peers
  • Snapshot system trends
  • Identify locations in financial distress before problems arise
  • Evaluate business viability of investments and financing capacity
  • Collaborate across the entire system

Connect the dots.
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