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Have you given your menu a makeover to trim margins and boost profits? Here’s how.

It can be tough to find time to conduct a deep analysis of your menu to find new angles for profit, but a menu assessment shouldn’t be overlooked.

A data-driven restaurant menu is a proven way to increase profits and gain market share. RMS optimizes your food menu by using our patented, proprietary process to analyze your POS transactional data.

The result? A strategically designed menu that trims margins and increases profits. In the past 25 years, we’ve completed menu design strategies for many clients, who saw margins increase by 2% or more, on average.

Drive more profit with a data-driven menu.


Driving profitability together

Consumer behavior

Navigating the new normal of dining

The longer consumers remain at home, the more their behaviors change. As restaurants continue to navigate a pivot of their entire industry, RMS is building a data picture beyond the transactional and market data we typically collect and analyze.

To better advise our clients on consumer spending and sentiment, RMS is accessing the latest on dining trends, consumer behavior, habits, expectations, concerns and more. We’re partnering with research companies to combine their collected data from more than 100 million restaurant and retail visits and credit- and debit-card transactions with our own insights.By widening our perspective, we can make sure the industry survives.

No other company in our segment delivers data of this breadth and depth. RMS can help.
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Test and learn

Enticing menus that grow revenue

Scaled-back operations, reduced staff and social distance restrictions require a new take on restaurant menus. Streamlining your menu to reflect what diners want while balancing what your kitchens can produce requires speed and scrutiny.

RMS uses a proven “Test and Learn” approach, taking into account your past menu, popular and specialty items, current business model, location, and consumer perception and thoughts about value and food safety. We identify test locations for menu planning and innovation. Then we help you validate important menu decisions in real time, using real customer feedback. We stay vested to help you implement recommendations and redefine projects for optimum results and revenue.

Creating profitable menus for the new normal.
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Customer segmentation

Data solves problems

Every customer is different. Why should your approach be the same?

Now more than ever, we recognize the profitability challenges facing our industry. We also know how to address them. RMS has spent more than two decades gathering and analyzing data to help solve the problems our clients have now and the ones they may encounter later.

When we apply science to your loyalty program and POS systems data, it paints a picture of each individual customer, store or market in great detail. We then use these data-driven pictures, paired with a deep understanding of your brand, to recommend competitive pricing, menu design and promotional strategies tailored by location, market and menu item.

Rely on pricing strategies that increase traffic, spend per head and profitability.
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