Good menu design serves up profits

Is your menu one of your strongest marketing tools? It should be.

A smart, data-driven restaurant menu is a proven way to increase profits. RMS optimizes your food menu using a recipe of your own POS transactional data analyzed with our patented process. The partnership results in a strategically-designed menu that trims margins and increases profits. In the past 25 years we’ve completed numerous menu design strategies for clients, who saw upwards of 2% increase in margins, on average.

Is your menu design data-driven? It could be.

Driving profitability together

Test and learn

What’s hot and what’s not?

Introducing innovations like new menu design, food items or promotions is tricky business. We help clients take the guesswork out of the process with our Test and Learn approach. We identify test locations for menu planning and innovation. Then we help clients validate important menu decisions in real time, with real customers. We stay vested to help clients implement recommendations and redefine projects for optimum results.

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Customer segmentation

Data solves problems

Every customer is different. Why should your approach be the same?
Your POS data does more than track sales. It paints a picture of each individual customer, store or market in great detail. We use these data-driven pictures, paired with a deep understanding of your brand, to recommend competitive pricing, menu design and promotional strategies tailored by location, market and menu item.

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Consumer behavior

No more guesswork

Find yourself guessing what your customers want (and don’t), what they will pay for (and won’t), and what they will order next? RMS consumer behavior solutions get the answers. Using your existing customers along with in-depth consumer research, we target customer segments so pricing, promotions and menu design hit the bullseye – and increase margins.

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Menu engineering

Is your menu one of your strongest marketing tools? It should be.

We know menu design strategy.