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RMS — a powerful partner

Assessing a restaurant brand down to its unit-level detail can be a challenging and time-consuming business. RMS is your strategic partner in due diligence. Our patented analysis streamlines detailed data across units and markets to deliver a complete picture of an investment’s viability.

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The real story lies beyond “the books”

Transactional level data reveals a brand’s true value

Collecting financial data from a balance sheet is one thing. Understanding the true value of a brand is another.

Our work uncovers the current and future value of a brand based on what really matters – what its customers think and do. By analyzing transactional level data and using customer segmentation strategies, we can reveal elements of a brand’s performance that are only found in the detail. These details include:

  • Customer segments that drive a brand’s sales performance, by location
  • Growth opportunities, based on market and customer characteristics, that drive success for the brand
  • A brand’s future competitive pricing power, based on qualitative assessments of recent menu and pricing initiatives

We combine these insights with market research and real estate assessments to deliver actionable reports. By determining the ongoing viability of a brand and its market value, we get accurate and profitable financial forecasting.

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Your partner in the pitch

A value-added restaurant partnership starts well before any investment is made. With 25 years of restaurant expertise and highly-specialized consultants, we can hone your investment strategy during the pitch process to distinguish you from the competition. RMS stays vested throughout the process with data-driven insights that can help tip the decision-making and support long-term resource deployment and execution.

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Financial performance benchmarks

What gets measured gets managed

Understanding system financial health can be the difference between a winning decision and a big loss. metiRi, our financial solution, identifies trends within the network and, with data down to the unit level, can identify restaurants in financial distress before problems arise.

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Profitability analysis

RMS clients experience increased profits

We recognize the profitability challenges of the industry and know how to address them. Our data analysis brings transparency into unit economics, with transactional level data and customer segmentation that can drive the hard decisions that lead to profitability. Over the past 25 years, we have delivered profit gains for more than 50 brands, with more than 100,000 locations in 40+ countries. Long after the analysis, we are your partners in profitability with expert consultants who stay vested in our clients’ success.

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