Revenue Management Solutions (RMS), which provides a data-based approach to menu pricing and optimization to leading restaurant chains and upcoming concepts worldwide, has relaunched its brand to highlight the company’s mission, values and technology-enabled solutions for the hospitality industry.

Along with a new look, RMS’ redesigned website makes it easier to learn about the company’s services and solutions, including demand-based pricing, menu management and optimization, prescriptive analytics, and franchisee and corporate solutions through case studies, company news and industry tips.

“The new website represents our solutions and vision to offer a data-based approach to understand customer purchasing behavior, then turning those insights into profitable actions for our clients,” said RMS CEO John Oakes. “Our goal is to show who we are, what we believe in, what our approach is, the great talent that works here, and the solutions that we provide to restaurant chains, multi-segment clients, travel hubs and private equity clients.”

Within RMS, the rebranding process was led by a team that engaged with clients and associates around the globe throughout the journey.

“The new site is designed with our clients’ needs in mind – to engage with them in a fresh, modern and interactive way,” said Jana Zschieschang, Chief Marketing Officer at RMS, who was part of the team that led the rebranding. “We’re excited about making it easier for our customers, users and prospects to better understand RMS’ solutions and areas of expertise as we grow our restaurant-centric solutions.”

RMS worked with Orlando-based branding agency Prismatic to create the new website and logo, while using the company’s existing slogan and guiding principle of “truth in numbers, trust in people” to frame the brand.

“RMS has the ability to simplify, analyze, and interpret the complex while revealing immense value for their clients,” said Stephanie Darden Bennett, President and Chief Creative Officer of Prismatic. “Our rebranding strategy focused on distilling the complex nature of RMS’ industry and capabilities into a clean, minimalistic mark and communication platform to honor the spirit of their brand promise. What they do is so much more than analytics.”

Darden Bennett also added, “The plus in the new logo mark pays homage to creating value, increasing profitability, and activating positive outcomes – all made possible by their team who knows how to find the truth in numbers.”

About Revenue Management Solutions:
Revenue Management Solutions, based in Tampa, Florida USA, is a leader in bringing a data-based approach to pricing and menu optimization for restaurants, providing solutions for a number of leading global restaurant brands, including many of the largest companies in the industry. Since 1994, the company has been successfully providing solutions to clients to increase profit and enhance brand value. RMS assists more than 50 major brands in more than 40 countries, with its patented processes of revenue management used in more than 100,000 locations globally. For more information, visit

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