Financial data can shape a brand’s survival

When brands understand the financial pressures that individual locations face and how they affect the health of the entire organization, they can make the right strategic decisions.

Complete financial insights

One solution. Endless insights.

metiRi is a secure SaaS solution that provides franchised brands with a complete picture of their organization’s financial data with actionable analytics and insights to help them make strategic decisions.

This knowledge empowers brands in the current recovery phase to:

      • Gain an accurate picture of costs to identify where to make changes to keep franchisees in business. Examples include deferring payments and/or royalties.
      • Understand franchisees’ financial health and determine how long they can sustain depressed sales and respond proactively.

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Collect & standardize

One place for all your financial data.

The solution collects and aggregates unit level financials from any source and  standardizes it so organizations spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing insights.

Dashboards & benchmarking

Turn your financial data into insights.

metiRi’s interactive dashboards and benchmarking tools help franchisors and franchisees:

  • Assess system’s overall financial health
  • Increase profitability
  • Gain an accurate picture of costs to identify where changes can be made
  • Create critical cash flow projections
  • Make informed expansion decisions
  • Evaluate key initiatives through a detailed financial lens

Why metiRi

metiRi is the financial solution designed to help during recovery.

The metiRi platform:

  • Improves collaboration with franchisees, creating meaningful conversations as brands better understand their challenges, can anticipate their worries and address objections
  • Provides consistent and transparent reporting allowing users to evaluate, simulate, reproject, tweak and optimize decisions made early on during COVID-19 for the long term
  • Allows for tailored KPI’s and reports based on P&L, Balance Sheet or Cash Flow data brands want to track and compare

Technical features

  • Cloud-based system
  • Single Sign-On available
  • Quick and easy one-time setup process
  • Leverages extensive validation checks to ensure data quality
  • Supports multiple languages & currencies

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