Director, Consulting Services


Team and Project Management (40%):

  • Directly manage at least one major client and overall responsibility for multiple clients.
  • Allocate the time of Analysts, Senior Analysts, Consultants and Senior Consultants to work on various client related projects.
  • Coordinate with Directors/VP from other teams the allocation of team members for task force projects.
  • Assist Senior Consultants and Consultants with the prioritization of various assignments relevant to several clients simultaneously.
  • Lead Team meetings to communicate projects and on-going deadlines.
  • Discuss quarterly staffing and resource plan with Team Leaders prior to the start of each quarter.
  • Assist Senior Consultants and Consultants in the analysis and preparation of deliverables.

Client Contact (10%):

  • Establish and maintain excellent lines of communication with all levels of personnel at client offices.
  • Ensure that Senior Consultants and Consultants respond promptly to client inquiries.
  • Assist client in understanding RMS systems and reports.

Client Presentation (20%):

  • Present research findings and reports to clients.
  • Represent the Company at industry conferences.
  • Troubleshoot in the event of technological difficulties.

Process Improvements and Development (20%)

  • Update and upgrade report formats and data management.
  • Share best practices and key learning within the office and across other RMS offices.
  • Oversee the training and development of new Senior Consultants, Consultants, Senior Analysts and Analysts.
  • Develop new client service options.

Corporate Growth (10%):

  • Proactively conduct additional analyses for clients to keep RMS work circulating through the client organization, reinforcing the RMS role of strategic business intelligence partner.
  • Work closely with other Team Leaders within RMS Corporate Headquarters to drive successful strategic business development efforts across offices.
  • Support VPs and SVPs with information on scope of services for new client negotiations, negotiation of new contracts, and the expansion of current client services.


  • MBA/Master’s degree with concentration in Finance or Economics.
  • Three years’ experience as a Management Analyst with strong knowledge of the dynamics of the marketing and operational aspects of the restaurant and retail industries.
  • Proficiency in statistics, mathematics, economics, the scientific method, and business finance.


  • Travel to client sites or conventions several times per year.