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Industry Trends November 2020

Staying up to date with the latest insights is fundamental to meeting customers where they are now.

To help the restaurant industry navigate this ever-changing environment and make the best business decisions, we have collected the latest restaurant data and consumer insights.

US Restaurant Trends

We will be watching closely to see how these trends evolve as COVID cases continue to increase and new restrictions are implemented in certain parts of the US.

QSR v. TSR Traffic Growth

  • QSR YOY traffic remains stable at -11%.
  • TSR performance has slightly improved with traffic trending at -27% YOY compared to last month’s -29% YOY.

QSR v. TSR Sales Growth

  • QSR sales remained positive through the month of October and are trending at +1% YOY.
  • TSR YOY sales continued to improve over the past 4 weeks going from -26% to -23%.

YOY Traffic by Day Part

  • Dinner YOY traffic now trends at -10% YOY
  • Lunch YOY traffic continues to mirror dinner traffic and is at -10% YOY.
  • Breakfast YOY traffic trends remain stable at -21% YOY.

YOY Traffic by Revenue Channel

The YOY trends are observed for QSR restaurants.
  • Delivery continues to outperform all other revenue channels at +60% YOY, followed by Drive-thru which remains stable at +16% YOY.
  • Dine-in saw a slight improvement this month with traffic going from 43% to -41% YOY.

Consultant’s Corner

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives on the Rise

Plant-based meats are in the spotlight as restaurants brands, particularly quick-service brands, announced the release of new menu items intended to satisfy this consumer demand. But what is actually driving customers to this new trend? Take a look at insights from our latest report featured in Fast Casual magazine.

Predictive Analytics and the New Reality

At the recent MURTEC Restaurant Next event, RMS Chief Strategy Officer Joel Davis shared his views on using data to enhance customer service, loyalty and revenue. Davis, who leads RMS’ analytics and data strategy discipline, shared insights on WHY and HOW data matters now, given these pivotal times. His counsel? Data is more useful than ever. Learn more about his advice for restaurant brands we enter 2021 here


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