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Supporting the restaurant and hospitality industry is RMS’ core focus — always has been and always will be. With the power of YOUR data, and OUR insights and technology, you can move forward with strength. Let us help you create a plan for recovery and profit. We’re in this together.

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Our team of restaurant leaders, data scientists, economists, data analysts and marketing experts partner with the world’s most successful hospitality and restaurant brands and upcoming concepts.

Using our patented data analysis and tech-enabled services, our clients benefit from optimized pricing solutions, menu design, and marketing and financial reporting that always deliver a profit gain.

Our clients include 100,000 restaurant locations in more than 40 countries. Our expertise spans 25 years.

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Data-driven plans for recovery and profit
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Now, more than ever, RMS is committed to doing all we can to support the restaurant industry. Our team of experts is ready to help put you on a path toward profitability.