Air Stair Climb 2013

RMS sponsors 2013 fight for air stair climb

March 23, 2013

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John Oakes

Twelve of our RMS associates participated in the annual Fight for Air Climb hosted by the American Lung Association. The associates, along with several other members from their team, Jeanie’s Pennies, raised over $3,000 for lung cancer and disease research. RMS was a sponsor of the event where hundreds of people climbed their way up all 41 floors (914 steps) of the Bank of America building in downtown Tampa.

With nearly 1,000 people competing in the event, RMS finished with three different Top 3 finishers. Suzanne Rannie placed 3rd in her 60-69 female age group; Ryan Hultstrand finished 2nd in the 18-29 male age group; and Nick Ferrer finished 3rd in the 18-29 male age group. We congratulate everyone who participated in the event and thank all those who supported the RMS team. We look forward to next year’s Fight for Air Climb! To learn more about this event visit

RMS & Air Stair Climb

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