3 Successful Ways to Target QSR Frequent Customer

In a recent survey conducted by Revenue Management Solutions (RMS), nearly 800 restaurant-goers shared their insights. The findings uncovered an interesting trend: 25% of the total respondents fell into the category of frequent diners, visiting restaurants more than 10 times a week.

Based on their frequency of enjoying food away from home (FAFH), these “frequent users” are flagging down your quick-service restaurant (QSR) brand and asking you to market to them. They are outliers, but outliers that are well worth working for.

“Most consumers are fatigued from 2022’s rising prices for FAFH, and it shows in their behavior,” says Mark Kuperman, COO at RMS. Case in point: RMS observed that in January 2023, basket size (quantity per transaction) declined (-4.7% YOY), indicating that fast-food customers are reducing the number of menu items they purchase to manage restaurant check.

Except for the frequent user, that is. This group is motivated, making it more likely that they’ll be receptive to your efforts.

Share of frequent users who visited the following restaurant types “more” or “much more” in the past month:

  • 49% quick-service restaurants
  • 39% casual eateries
  • 39% breakfast restaurants
  • 36% full-service restaurants

How can fast-food restaurant appeal to frequent users?

First, a word of caution. In the face of lingering economic uncertainty, brands must think beyond price — at the very least, being surgical in their pricing strategies.

Yet for QSRs willing to market specifically to this demographic, the potential bottom-line impact is compelling. Imagine the financial effect if every one of those 10-plus weekly visits were to your fast-food chain.

To gain market share among these consumers, restaurant owners have several levers available. With these approaches to frequent users, brands can increase margins and restaurant foot traffic while stealing market share:

  • Provide a solid restaurant mobile app experience. You want them to get in the habit of opening your restaurant app instead of someone else’s.
  • Develop concise marketing messages. Be mindful of consumers’ time and patience so that they can reward you with their restaurant loyalty.
  • Use precision menu engineering practices to fire up sales. According to our latest menu research, upsell suggestions as customers browse online menus lead to 1 in 5 customers putting those suggested items into their basket, compared to just 2% when presented at checkout.

If your fast-food brand is interested in joining the world’s leading restaurant brands that rely on RMS to better understand and manage their restaurant data for maximum profit, please reach out. We’re here to help.

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