Why RMS?

Supported by five U.S. patents, our data-driven solutions improve decision-making, information sharing and business operations

Leveraging 20-plus years of industry experience, we take emotions out of the discussion, enabling restaurant brands to make fact-based business decisions and help them through the implementation process of our solutions.

How do we know what customers are willing to pay?
Our analysis of your POS data is not about sentiment – but your customers actual buying behavior, to predict how they react to pricing and menu changes. This is absolutely key to ensuring operators don’t lose customers on that all important customer journey. Our data-driven insight allows operators to increase profits per transaction and in turn, offset cost pressures.

How do we define a concrete strategy for clients?
We know the price sensitivity of every menu item on a site-by-site basis, together with which menu items best trade with which. This enables us to define a concrete strategy for operators, help them implement it and validate the results.

"I have hired RMS four times in my career, twice as CMO (TGI Friday's and KFC) and twice as CEO (Famous Dave's and Romano's Macaroni Grill). The science is what makes RMS unique. Yes, they provide unmatched customer service and know our industry as well as anyone in it. But, the science works, over and over again. In the first year with RMS our profits more than doubled and the RMS pricing guidelines accounted for about three quarter of the increase.

Given these results, it was obvious why I chose to keep going back to RMS. I never matched those figures, but typically, RMS was good for about 150 BPS."

John Gilbert
Current President and CEO of Romano's Macaroni Grill and former CEO of Famous Dave’s

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