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Helping over 100,000 restaurant locations across the globe boost sales, streamline costs and maximize profitability.


Data-Driven Pricing Strategies That Serve Profits

Access tailored strategies that generate up to 4% profit margin increase, boosting sales without compromising traffic.

Gain a competitive edge with location-specific pricing and customer segment strategies.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Effortlessly compare and benchmark your stores with AI-driven competitor pricing insights.

Monitor prices across up to 235,000 locations, gaining competitive data at menu, category, and item levels.

Boost unit-level profitability by up to 4%

metiRi® is designed to help multi-unit businesses streamline financial management and uncover untapped potential.

Effortlessly collect and aggregate unit-level financial reports from any accounting platform within minutes.

Make Decisions with Confidence

Uncover customer preferences and what they value most.

Dive into customer decisions with Conjoint Analysis, revealing insights on menu items, bundles and promotions, including price sensitivity and brand preferences.

Enhance Your Menu for Maximum Profitability

Unlock your menu’s full potential to increase margins and drive profits.

By combining the power of your POS data, cutting-edge eye tracking technology and RMS’ patented price sensitivity models, our strategic menu design approach ensures significant margin improvements, typically averaging up to a 4% increase.


Your Global Profitability Partner

At RMS, we’re not just a service – we’re your long-term success partner. With 30 years of industry expertise and the power of AI and Machine Learning, we boost restaurant profitability and operational efficiency. Our data-driven strategies and cutting-edge tech solutions are easy to implement and deliver restaurant success.

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Discover how we can help you navigate challenges, drive growth and maximize profitability. Join the ranks of successful brands that trust RMS for unparalleled insights and results.


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