RMS creates the road map for improved site specific performance and profitability.

Store Specific Marketing

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Store Specific Marketing recognizes that within each brand, inherent demand differences exist across sites. This service provides a roadmap for improved site specific performance and ensures that local operational activities generate profit, not just cost.

Recognizing that Locations have different potential based on geography, customer base, site characteristics and traffic generators RMS begins by developing a series of peer groups. Peer group analysis clusters units with statistically similar attributes including population, customer demographics, neighborhood types and site characteristics. The peer groups are used to develop benchmarks that are more appropriate to individual business challenges. By comparing units to the appropriate benchmarks, peer group analysis provides:

  • The comparison of unit performance based on common attributes, not simply geography
  • The definition of success factors within each peer group discriminating between high and low profit
  • Targeted operational improvements at the unit level
  • The prioritization of operational initiatives by impact to unit profitability

The result is a unit specific road map to improved performance including:

  • Local planning into the most profitable activities
  • Advice on which P&L line items need to be addressed
  • Which products and day parts are under performing relative to the peer group
  • The quantification of moving to the peer group average

By analyzing sales performance, product sale and operational measures within each peer group, RMS delivers a predictive model for improved profitability in each location.