RMS provides the framework to optimize existing locations

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RMS Real Estate Solutions identify superior locations by market, determine optimal build-out potential, provide guidance in the allocation of scarce capital expenditure and highlight those stores that have reached the end of their economic life.

Hot Spot Model

RMS Hot Spot Models consider available real estate in both new and existing markets that offer the most significant opportunity for success. This allows clients to direct brokers to the locations with the highest potential. RMS develops brand specific profiles for demographic, competitive and business variables that drive successful new store openings. RMS further assists in optimizing existing markets by uncovering superior locations that have yet to be developed.

Volume Estimation Model

Once a location has been selected, the Volume Estimation Model focuses on predicting sales volumes to ensure new openings meet client specified success criteria. This sales volume estimate includes a risk assessment for each site based on the probability of the location performing at varying sales levels. The volume estimation output is then modified by adjusting specific build out variables such as square footage, parking, access and improvements. By adjusting these variables to achieve the highest volume estimation, optimal build out potential is identified.

Site Driver Analysis

In addition to new store openings, the RMS Site Driver Analysis provides a framework for evaluating re-investment and closure decisions. Utilizing the same predicative models developed for new store openings, RMS compares the actual sales volume of existing stores to the predicted volume. This comparison identifies locations that are under and over performing relative to potential, allowing clients to direct investment to high volume and high potential locations (see Store Specific Marketing) and to identify low volume and low potential locations that are candidates for closure.