RMS helps identify the promotional elements that generate the most profitable consumer response.

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RMS Media Solutions quantify the effectiveness of promotional campaigns bringing new rigor to the marketing and media planning process. Optimal media spending levels are identified highlighting which promotional elements generate the most profitable consumer response.

Working with multiple years of media activity data and top-line performance results, RMS will accurately calculate the return of every media dollar spent. The analysis will determine the impact of additional media on sales, revenue and profit determining the point at which incremental expenditure does not improve results. This also allows for scenario planning on different media levels during a campaign.

The analysis focuses on separating the two components of total sales: base and promotional. All brands have a base sales level which is the result of business momentum. Promotional sales are the result of short-term advertising flights and promotional activity. Through extensive use of multiple regression analysis, RMS identifies the lift, over time, for specific activities and duration.

RMS takes the guess work out of media campaign planning by:

  • Analyzing key macroeconomic, weather and demographic data
  • By altering media mix, determining optimal media flight lengths and dark periods and identifying products that are most responsive to advertising support
  • Optimizing the allocation of Target Rating Points (TRPs) and Gross Rating Points (GRPs) by media vehicle, market and season
  • Providing post buy analysis on all media activity including TV, radio, billboards, free standing inserts, print and online campaigns
  • Factoring in drop dates, circulation totals, valid dates, depth-of-deal, impressions, reach and frequency

By focusing on sales, gross profit and traffic impacts, RMS provides a roadmap to improved ROI and better planning.