RMS demand based pricing leads to enhanced brand value over the long term.

Demand Based Pricing

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Revenue management requires a statistical approach utilizing models tailored to the unique challenges of each company.

The RMS demand-based pricing methodology is proven to optimize profit at the unit level and increase revenue without eroding traffic, transactions or consumer value perception. RMS combines proprietary methodology, industry leading technology and extensive real world experience to create custom solutions as unique as the client.

There are no “one size fits all” software applications; instead each RMS client is presented with a customized solution that takes into consideration the unique business environment, customer base and operational constraints that exist within each brand. As the pricing partner, RMS works with clients to develop sophisticated pricing strategies which are modified over time as the internal and external environments change. Utilizing a technique that is more predictive than traditional consumer research, RMS analyzes consumer purchasing behavior and measures the impact of price change at the item level, category level and across categories. The end result is a brand specific pricing strategy that is transparent to the consumer, allowing for higher profits without the traditional customer pushback.

RMS Provides:

  • Gross profit gains equal to or exceeding 1% of top line sales with 100% flow through to the bottom line
  • No declines in traffic, transaction or value perception
  • Custom, data driven models
  • A single point of contact for all pricing needs