RMS Merchandise Planning Tool

Merchandise Planning


RMS has leveraged its advanced modeling capability to develop a customized, web-based merchandise planning application that allows users to create multiple plans at the item, style and color level. Flexibility, speed and interactivity are important when working on merchandise planning.

The RMS interface provides an editable grid that shows all key metrics for planning. Each metric can be shown or hidden based on user preference. Similar to a spreadsheet, cell values are updated based on formulas when plan values are adjusted. Planners always have access to current actual values while planning. Additionally, the tool allows for the creation of multiple scenarios for each planning item. This provides the flexibility to create and view multiple scenarios without modifying an existing plan. The interface also allows for the addition of multiple builds (selling curves) for further historical analysis. The selling curves are extracted from the data history and integrated to the plan directly through the interface using a set of customizable parameters (concept, class, etc.).

RMS works with each client to define specific reporting requirements which are integrated into the system. The data structure allows for aggregation to any level for reporting purposes. Reports are exportable into PDF or Excel formats depending on the specifics of the report and the requirements of the client. RMS hosts a structured database that allows for detailed and summary reporting, enhanced speed, improved scale and the ability for enriched analysis. This database is updated on a daily basis with routines developed to transform the necessary data to this structure. The system is role-based which allows the client the ability to modify the functionality of specific sections considering the access level/role of the user.