Serving leading companies since 1994

Revenue Management Solutions (RMS) supports a robust suite of flexible data-driven solutions providing clients with a customized approach that considers the unique business environment and operational constraints that exist in every brand. Leveraging premier consulting services and patented methodology in the use of statistics and quantitative modeling for the restaurant and retail industries, RMS takes the guess work out of crucial business decisions while optimizing gross profit and protecting brand value.

RMS provides an understanding of who customers are, what those customers are willing to pay for a given product, how to determine the most profitable locations to open a business and how best to allocate media and promotional resources to effectively execute marketing strategies.

RMS manages revenue by recommending price points that yield optimal gross profit at each location. The solutions utilize state-of-the-art econometric techniques to analyze consumer demand patterns, elasticities and trading relationships between products. Supported by five U.S. patents, these data driven techniques are unique within the hospitality and retail industries changing the way leading brands do business around the world.